Grow Lights That Aren’t Ugly
Most grow lights are ugly. Ugly in physical form or the light they give out or both. It doesn't have to be that way.

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Beautiful Illumination

Picking a grow light that looks normal in a living space starts with the quality of the light it puts out.

Until recently hideous purple LED grow light was the norm. Fortunately those purple-hued days are behind us now.

“Full spectrum” LED grow lights are the answer. They put out a pleasing, bright white glow. Plus they deliver exactly the wavelengths of light that your plants need.

You can choose a warmer, sunnier light or a cooler light with a hint of blue. Look for the K or kelvin value on a grow bulb — this tells you the visual color of the light it gives out. A lower K value light, say 3500K, will have a warmer tone. A higher K value like 5000k will have a slight blue cast.

Appealing Fixtures

Decorative lights for plants that are also effective are rather rare. There are a few well designed grow lights out there — often they sacrifice effectiveness for design though.

Soltech Solutions have a range of grow lights with good minimal design. They’re not class-leading for efficiency and light output but they’re still quite effective.

Soltech Aspect large

The Soltech Aspect grow light is available in black or white. The larger, 40W, version would give a nice pool of light for herbs or leafy greens.

Bring-Your-Own Lamp Shade

The most flexible way to find a grow light that looks good is to make your own. Simply buy a high quality LED grow bulb and put it in any fixture or shade of your choice.

Our #1 choice for an LED grow bulb is the GE PAR38 — it’s efficient and plenty powerful. Plus in versions tuned for leafy greens or fruiting and flowering plants.

There are very few things you should look for in a fixture: 

  1. Avoid fully enclosed shades — grow bulbs can get warm so it’s good to have some air circulation.
  2. Metal shades are recommended — heatproof is nice and the metal helps radiate any waste heat safely.
  3. Adjustable height is good — for happy growth you’ll need to raise and lower your grow light

As long as you follow those suggestions you can use any kind of light fixture you like. I’m a fan of a simple metal shade suspended with a “swag” of cable. This gives loads of style options and is easily adjustable to give your plants their optimum amount of light.

Get Growing

Once you’ve picked out your grow light you’ll want something to grow under it. Check out our article on 5 easy edible plants to grow with grow lights. From radishes to microgreens.

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