Growing Basil With Grow Lights

Basil is a versatile and tasty herb. An essential in Italian cooking.
Basil thrives indoors under grow lights in a warm room — giving you a year round supply for your kitchen.

Basil Light Requirements

14-18 hours of light is ideal for Basil. It will grow slowly with fewer hours of light.

Basil plants will thrive under lights that provide:




DLI (Daily Light Integral) is how we measure amounts of “plant-useful” light. Once we know a plant’s DLI needs we can match it to the ideal grow light setup.

Day Length for Basil

14-18 hours of light is ideal for Basil. It will grow slowly with fewer hours of light.

Basil plants do best with a lights on for:




Best Grow Lights for Basil

It takes a moderately powerful light to provide 12-16 DLI in a 14 hour period. The Bright Grow recommendations are:
  1. GE PAR38 balanced grow bulb. Hang the bulb 19-20 inches above the plant’s leaves. This will give you a circle of light 11 inches across that’s just the right amount of bright.
  2. The GE 24″ LED Fixture is also a decent bet. Hang the fixture 6 inches above the plant’s leaf canopy. This will give a strip of optimal light 6 inches wide and 24 inches long.

Basil, like other leafy plants, will thrive under a balanced full-spectrum light.

Balanced full-spectrum lights provide roughly equal amount of red and blue wavelengths while still appearing white to our eyes.

High Output fluorescent or LED grow lights will both work well for growing Basil.

Temperature for Basil

Basil thrives on heat. It will grow at lower temperatures — just more slowly.






Size of Basil Plants

Naturally basil grows tall and slim. Harvest often to help your plant grow bushy. You can snip up to 1/3 of the plant at a time.
Typically grows 12


” tall

Does well in 6


” diameter containers

Basil Varieties

Some varieties of Basil can grow large and don’t do well in containers. Look for container-suitable and dwarf cultivars.
  • Sweet Basil
  • ‘Dolly’ Basil
  • Green Globe Basil
  • ‘Rosie’ Basil
You’ll find at least a few basil varieties anywhere seeds are sold. For more choices try an online seed seller like West Coast Seeds.

Growing Basil

Basil grows well from seed or cuttings. Watch out for flowers and pinch them off right away — once it flowers the plant will grow bitter. Basil plants should be watered lightly but frequently.

Basil Tips

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