Growing Thyme With Grow Lights

Thyme is a low growing plant. Its tiny dense leaves have a delicious aroma when crushed — like a hot afternoon on a mediterranean hillside.
Thyme is quite light-hungry. Given the right enough warmth and brightness it can thrive indoors.

Thyme Light Requirements

Thyme plants will thrive under lights that provide:




DLI (Daily Light Integral) is how we measure amounts of “plant-useful” light. Once we know a plant’s DLI needs we can match it to the ideal grow light setup.

Day Length for Thyme

Thyme plants do best with a lights on for:




Best Grow Lights for Thyme

It takes a pretty powerful light to provide 20-30 DLI in a 12 hour period. That’s what’s needed though. The Bright Grow recommendation is the GE PAR38 balanced grow bulb. Hang the bulb 12-13 inches above the plant’s leaves. This will give you a circle of light 8 inches across that’s just the right amount of bright.

Thyme, like other leafy plants, will thrive under a balanced full-spectrum light.

Balanced full-spectrum lights provide roughly equal amount of red and blue wavelengths while still appearing white to our eyes.

High Output fluorescent or LED grow lights will both work well for growing Thyme.

Temperature for Thyme

Thyme thrives in high temperatures with low humidity — like its native Mediterranean climate.











Many plants germinate at lower temperatures and prefer more warmth for their growth. This is how plants have evolved — sprouting early in the spring when the days are cool and growing and producing as the days get longer and warmer.

Size of Thyme Plants

Typically grows 6


” tall

Does well in 6


” diameter containers

Thyme Varieties

  • Lemon Thyme
  • French Thyme
  • English Thyme

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